How To Get Him Back Forever - Is It Too Late?

Published: 30th November 2011
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I don't know a single woman who has gone through one that doesn't think a break up is one of the most painful things that a person has to face in life. It makes things harder when all you can do is think about how to get your ex boyfriend back. Not only can you get him back, but you can get him back forever if you can get a few things straight.

Learning a bit about male psychology is the first step in getting your ex boyfriend back. I'm guessing right now that you feel rejected. What if your ex boyfriend was the one that was feeling rejected instead? This may sound a bit mean, but this is exactly what you need to do.

I know it sounds a bit strange for me to say in order to get him back forever you have to make him feel rejected. Let me explain. After the break up you are going to be very sad, and you will be feeling a genuine loss. However, the most important thing that you can do right now is to show him that you are ok with being away from him. You need to show him that you are strong and confident. Tell him that you agree that it was a good idea to break up, and that you still want to be friends.

However, before you say anything to him it is important that you do not have any contact with your ex for at least 3 weeks after the break up. This will go against all of your natural instincts. It's natural to want to call him and see how he is doing. But, don't fall into this trap. Remember we are playing to the male psychological triggers here. You want him to be able to think about the relationship without you there to comfort him about the loss. He needs to realize that you are valuable to his life, and that his life was better with you in it. Make sure you get out and hang out with friends, go to the gym, or anything else that doesn't allow you to sit around and feel sorry for yourself.

Once he realizes that you are ok with living your life without him, he will start to wonder what you are doing. He will be constantly thinking of you and he will definitely call you during this 3 week period.

Once he finally calls you is when you can tell him that you agree with the break up. Even if you don't agree, you need to say that you do. We always want what we can't have. When it comes to women, men are no different. Once he sees that you are wasting no time with getting on with your life, suddenly you you will begin to look different to him. He will see that you are moving on and living your life. He will feel a bit rejected in the sense that you are wasting no time in sitting around crying about him breaking up with you. This is a very powerful perception that you are creating.

Getting him back forever is not that hard if you know how to go about it. put this advice to use and see if it works for you. This is the only way that you have to know if you really can get him back forever. Try it, and I think you will be pleasantly surprized with the result.


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